ENGLISH ACCESS GAUTENG  or EAG is one of the best language schools in Africa.

EAG is a leading language school in Johannesburg where classes are based on the Headway books from Oxford University Press. Also a member of EduSA, the national association of quality English language centres in South Africa.

EAG is also a multi language school with students from all over the world, Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and the Middle East. Courses consist of English for foreigners, Teaching English to Foreign Languages (TEFL) and Zulu. EAG has also become a major training force in the corporate sector offering Business English for a wide variety of industries.

All EAG trainers are qualified and experienced in their respective fields and bring a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere to the classroom. Classrooms look onto a beautiful park with open fields and majestic trees and during break students relax with tea and coffee and enjoy the tranquil environment.

A message from the CEO, Thierno Diallo – “We at English Access Gauteng hope to help many of you achieve your future goals with our selection of courses. Whether you are wanting to learn English in South Africa, teach English abroad, learn a foreign language, or improve your Business English, we are here to help you through our effective training courses.”


Junglers Adventure Tours and EAG have partnered forming an extremely innovative Learning Through Adventure initiative. This initiative offers the students of EAG an IMMERSIVE and EXPERIENTIAL learning experience while out on adventure tours, safaris and excursions.

This initiative takes a hands-on approach when it comes to learning English by providing the EAG students with real life adventure, fun and outdoors experiences and opportunities second to none, which in turn leaves a long lasting impression on the students and giving them a need to explore more so that they can feed their newly discovered curiosity.


Please make use of the following methods:

    • Send and email to admin@englishaccess.co.za
    • Find them on Facebook @EnglishAccess
    • Go to their website www.englishaccess.co.za
    • Alternatively get in touch with us and we will direct you info@junglers.co.za