ROOTZ  is a destination management company (DMC) that offers a wide variety of specialized services to cater for all the diverse needs of our unique clients.

From creating unique, custom-made travel experiences for any adventure traveler, to representing establishments and activity providers within different destinations – for us ensuring memorable holidays and creating collaborative, sustainable partnerships within the tourism industry is what we ultimately strive for. With our ingenious collaboration and partnership methods to our clients, we ensure an all-inclusive approach to all our services and offerings in a responsible and sustainable way!

Over the past 4 years, RootZ have created valuable partnerships and long-standing relationships within the tourism industry. By making use of our unique, tried and tested methods and industry approach we can assure our portfolio clients better results, targeted exposure (locally and internationally) as well as great brand awareness on a much larger scale.

RootZ is your broad-spectrum Virtual Marketing Manager. We actively include and expand your product by creating opportunities, establishing new agent relationships, assisting in product planning, training and development, as well as include your service/s in new and existing tourism packages, services, events, tours and opportunities which are mutually beneficial to all parties

RootZ has taken the tourism industry by storm in creating the GREENEST portfolio out there. Our focus remains 100% on conservation, education, eco-friendly establishments, green tourism, community upliftment, ethical tour operators and activity providers all, of which form part of our sustainable tourism.


Junglers Adventure Tours and ROOTZ have formed a great mutually beneficial partnership as Junglers now offer the logistics and operations behind the tours and experiences that ROOTZ organize. Junglers is considered as the preferred supplier of ROOTZ with regards to vehicles, tour logistics, operational logistics, guides, backup support and for the implementation and carrying out of the conservation tours organized through the ROOTZ channels.

ROOTZ in return offer a full marketing, representation and relationship management system and service to Junglers with regards to local and international agents, DMC’s, operators and facilitators and actively seek out new opportunities to expand the Junglers brand.

By combining forces and working together we are now able to offer you some of the most incredible tours and safaris, activities, events and experiences focusing on conservation and a sustainable future.


Please make use of the following methods:

    • Send and email to explore@rootzgroup.co.za
    • Find them on Facebook @RootZTravel
    • Go to their website www.rootzgroup.co.za
    • Alternatively get in touch with us and we will direct you info@junglers.co.za